Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 15, 2007


Provided by: NASA/GSFC, USGS
Summary authors & editors: Earth Observatory, Jim Foster

Jamestown Virginia is celebrating its 400th anniversary this month. The same distinction can be said of Santa Fe in the western U.S. Nearly 400 years ago (1607) Spanish explorers founded the city of Santa Fe in the Rocky Mountain foothills of what is now north central New Mexico. This picturesque city originally served as the capital of Spain's Nuevo Mexico and is today New Mexico's state capital.

The perspective image featured above was created by overlaying a Landsat 7 image acquired on October 14, 1999 onto data from the USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED). Note that the image has been color-balanced to appear in "natural hues." Image processing was performed by the Landsat Project Science Office, and the image visualization was done by NASA's Earth Observatory team.

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