Saturn and Mono Lake

June 26, 2007


Provided by: Wally Pacholka
Summary authors & editors: Wally Pacholka

As Saturn sets (upper left), the Gemini Twins (Castor and Pollux at lower right) show color reflections on Mono Lake, located in the eastern Sierra Nevada range of California. Only the brightest stars and planets produce reflections on still water (magnitude of about +1.50 or brighter). I'm on a personal quest to image the night skies over America's national and state parks -- Mono Lake was my first stop. Photo snapped on April 18, 2007. See also the Earth Science Picture of the Day for September 18, 2003.

Photo details: 35mm Canon camera, 50mm lens, set at F/2 on an equatorial tripod, 30 seconds exposure.

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