Stormy Sunset

June 09, 2007

Stormy_sunset copy

Provided by: Lori A. Graham
Summary authors & editors: Jim Foster, Lori A. Graham

The photo above showing a wild sky and colorful sunset was captured near Lovell, Wyoming on May 21 (2007). Lovell is located in the Big Horn Basin, and when we have storm fronts move through, winds can exceed hurricane strength. On this particular evening, after a front pushed through late in the day, the sky turned to crimson. In the presence of clouds or aerosols (dust and salt particles for instance), the increased path length of light when the Sun lies near or just below the horizon often produces rich colors. Note also the crepuscular rays fanning outward from the hidden Sun. On the opposite (eastern) horizon, a reddened rainbow greeted the onset of darkness.

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