Eagle Rock

July 04, 2007


Provided and copyright by: Mikolaj Sawicki, John A. Logan College
Summary authors & editors: Mikolaj Sawicki

This naturally sculpted American eagle watches over the high plains of Colorado from its perch among the Boulder Flatirons, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It has been keeping a keen eye on the surrounding landscape for millions of years, ever since the pinkish sandstone rocks of the Fountain Formation were deposited 290-296 million years ago. This formation was uplifted during the Laramide orogeny period of mountain building that began approximately 70 million years ago and ended about 40 million years ago.

The bald eagle is now thriving in the 48 contiguous states as well as in Alaska and was just recently removed from the endangered species list. Approximately 10,000 pairs of bald eagles have been observed across the U.S. -- less than 500 pairs were counted 45 years ago. Photo taken June 24, 2006.

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