Dust Storms in China

August 23, 2007


Provided by: Richard Anstett, Lockheed Martin
Summary authors & editors: Richard Anstett

Northern China is famous for dust storms, and there were some impressive ones this past spring. China's geostationary weather satellite, Feng Yun 2C, provides a great hourly view of these storms (as well as other weather systems), and it's visible and infrared channels can be used to create daytime multispectral images to show dust as a dark yellow color. This image, acquired on April 22, 2007, shows a dust storm obscuring most of the Taklimakan Desert (upper right). In this area, airborne dust can linger for days since the desert is located in the Tarim Basin, which is enclosed on the North by the Tian Shan Mountains, on the West by the Pamir Mountains and on the south by the Kunlun Mountains. Snow cover appears in this image as a pinkish color -- higher peaks of the Himalayan Range.

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