Noctilucent Clouds Above Hungary

September 17, 2007


Provided by: Berko Erno
Summary authors & editors: Berko Erno, Jim Foster

Noctilucent clouds aren't commonly observed in Hungary or across central Europe. However, in the summer of 2007, they were clearly visible on several occasions. The engrossing display above occurred on June 24, 2007. These rapidly moving "nighttime" clouds are observed in twilight, usually poleward of about 50 degrees latitude. They're thought to consist of ice covered particles, possibly meteoritic dust, and most often form at altitudes of approximately 80 km (50 mi) above the Earth's surface.

Photo details: Canon 300D, 18-55 lens (at 18 mm), 2,5 second exposition, and ISO of 200.

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