Candy Ripples

October 07, 2007


Provided and copyright by: George Higginson
Summary authors & editors: George Higginson

Can we ever really trust what our senses tell us? Concentric circles of water are a wonder in and of themselves. Yet what an amazing mirage is created by the stones, flora and fauna beneath these ripples. These smooth ripples seem to take on a new level of texture and character when the combined images of the bottom and those of the ripples reach our eyes and brain at almost the same time, or are shown on the one-dimensional plane of a photograph. We see nearly everything by reflected light, and sometimes the play of light seems to present a show that's not really happening. The ripples shown above were actually formed by fish as they broke the surface. The bright colors result from rocks, coral, plants, and colorful tropical fish. This photograph was taken in Bermuda on April 6, 2007.