Crepuscular Rays Over Molokai

October 14, 2007


Provided and copyright by: Keith Marzullo, UCSD CSE
Summary authors & editors: Keith Marzullo

This photo showing golden crepuscular rays over a ruffled sea was taken from Kaupoa Beach on the southwestern part of Molokai, Hawaii. These rays result from the low-level clouds, which formed many afternoons during my visit -- from trade winds moving down from the heights of Mauna Loa, on the west end of Molokai. The rays, whether in sunlight or shadow, are parallel but appear to converge toward the Sun.

Note that if you click on the photo for a larger view, a small island may be visible at the horizon level near the left side of the picture. This is actually Diamond Head on Oahu. Diamond Head has an elevation of about 760 feet (232 m) and is about 33 miles (55 km) away from Kaupoa Beach.

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