From Atop the Acropolis of Lindos, Greece

October 12, 2007


Provided by: Robert Santa Ana
Summary authors & editors: Robert Santa Ana

This photo is looking down from the fortress wall atop the acropolis at Lindos, Greece, toward the Mediterranean Sea. Lindos is on the island of Rhodes. "Acropolis" is defined as the edge of town or an elevated city. The most famous acropolis includes the Parthenon and other historic buildings in Athens. Many other cities, both ancient and modern were located on citadels. High ground, of course, makes defending a city from attack by invaders or marauders a much easier proposition. The small body of water is actually an enclosed harbor, having an entrance to the sea through the rocks at left. It's called St. Paul's Harbor, because he allegedly sought refuge there during a storm. Photo taken on March 11, 2007.

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