Backyard View of Comet Holmes

December 06, 2007


Provided by: Mila Zinkova, Fogshadow
Summary authors & editors: Mila Zinkova

The view above shows a wide angle shot of Comet Holmes as observed in my backyard in San Francisco, California on the night of November 20, 2007. Comet Holmes is in the constellation of Perseus and is moving away from the Sun. Earlier this night, the light from the comet was mostly washed out by moonlight, but towards morning (4:35 local time) I was able to see Comet Holmes in all its celestial glory -- framed by Metrosideros excelsus also known as New Zealand Christmas Trees.

Image details: Canon XTI camera, 55 mm Canon Lens, F5.6, ISO 1600 for 17 seconds.