Lower Falls Spray Bow

December 30, 2007


Provided by: John A. Adam, Old Dominion University
Summary authors & editors: John A. Adam

The photo above was taken in the middle of June 2007 during a visit to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. One can view the impressive Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River from several vantage points, each offering a distinct perspective. This shot was taken near the bottom of a 328-step descent on a metal stairway. The stairway provides excellent views of the waterfall on the way down. Spray from the water as it thunders onto the rocks below drifts quite some distance from that point, resulting in attention getting spray bows, when the Sun is shining. Though I took many pictures, some exhibiting the secondary bow as well, this was my favorite. The Sun was of course behind me, and the spray droplets were of such a size and density as to reproduce typical rainbow colors and intensity, yet, unlike many rain showers, still allow the background to be clearly seen.