Autumn Rainbow Above Bochum, Germany

March 10, 2008


Provided and copyright by: Peter Krämer
Summary author: Peter Krämer 

This bright and colorful rainbow was seen from Bochum, Germany, bridging over deciduous trees decked out in their autumn attire. The primary rainbow, supernumerary bows (to the inside of the primary bow) and even a faint secondary bow were visible for about two hours on the afternoon of September 26, 2007. Due to this long duration, the movement of the rainbow caused by the progression of the afternoon Sun across the sky could be readily observed. Note also the dark band, Alexander's dark band, between the primary and secondary rainbows. This darkened strip of sky is, for the most part, absent of those light rays that have been refracted and reflected through raindrops these rays don't reach are eyes.