Winking Dog and Halo

March 03, 2008

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Photographer: Heather Renyck, White Mountains Regional High School
Summary Author: Heather Renyck

This admirable solar halo was seen from the top of Mt. Pemigewasset just south of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire as the Sun was setting on a lovely fall afternoon. I first noticed the "winking" sundog at left before the halo caught my attention. Halos and sundogs are formed when sunlight is refracted by hexagonal ice crystals in cirrus clouds. The crystals resulting in halos are more randomly oriented than are the crystals that produce sundogs and other arcs. Sundogs are the brightest part of the 22 degree halo -- observed at 22 degrees on either side of the Sun. Photo taken on November 12, 2007.