California Collage

May 11, 2008

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Provided by: Kay Meyer
Summary author: Kay Meyer 

Sufficient rainfall this past winter in southern California helped to create a beautiful spring with abundant blooms. Flowers in gardens and in wild areas bloomed with gusto, especially in late March and early April. In the collage shown above, 52 different flower species/colors are shown, including camellias, tabebuia heptaphylla (pink trumpet tree), primroses, euphorbia, daisies, roses, daffodil, tulips, pansies, blue scabiosa, ranunculus, ceanothus, anagallis, calla lily, poppies, Japanese flowering cherry, anemone, iris, azaleas, wisteria, a button pom, and others (starting roughly at the upper left and moving down to the lower right). All Photos composing this collage were taken at Descanso Gardens in La Crescenta, California.

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