Inverted Inversion

May 10, 2008


Provided and copyright by: Doug Zubenel, OwlEye Mobile Observatory
Summary author: Doug Zubenel 

Big Bend National Park in southern Texas is so named for the northeast jog the Rio Grande River takes on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. This area is one of the most remote, desert wildernesses in the U.S. A friend and I journeyed there in April of 1986 to photograph Halley's Comet. One blazing hot afternoon, I made this image of my companion holding an Erfle wide-field telescope eyepiece (f/5.6) so that Emory Peak, the highest mountain in the Chisos Range (2,385 m or 7,825 ft), was framed within in it. I simply inverted the resulting photo so that the mountain is upright --an inverted inversion.