Orange Crepuscular Rays Over Danbury Connecticut

May 16, 2008


Provided and copyright by: Steve Kluge
Summary author: Steve Kluge

The photo above shows beautiful crepuscular rays protruding across the twilight sky. After a day of unsettled weather, we were treated to these magnificent orange beams leaking through a break in the clouds as the sun set over southeastern Connecticut. On this evening (April 9, 2008), those lingering rays of the setting Sun illuminated the underside of the dark blue clouds above us. The dark bands are actually the shadows cast by distant clouds, and the appearance of the brighter rays result from the scattering of the reddened light at sunset. Though the Sun's rays are essentially parallel, their angular separation decreases the farther they are from us, resulting in the apparent divergence of light rays streaming outward from the setting Sun.