Alps Panorama from Gornergrat Observatory

November 15, 2008


Photographer: Tamas Ladanyi
Summary Author: Tamas Ladanyi 

The handsome panorama above shows the Monte Rosa Massive and the Matterhorn as viewed from the Gornergrat Observatory in Switzerland. Also seen are portions of the following mountains; Lyskamm, Castor, Pollux, Breithorn, and Klein Matterhorn. Monte Rosa is the second highest peak in the Alps, having a 4,634 m (over 15,000 ft) summit. Mt. Blanc (not pictured) is the loftiest peak in the Alps. Glaciers flowing through passes near the summits feed into the well-known Gorner Glacier. This impressive glacier is nine miles (14 km) long, the third longest glacier in the Alps. The panorama is made from six individual pictures, taken on July 25, 2007, aligned using PTGui software. To appreciate the details of this vista, click on the photo to enlarge the image.

Photo details: Canon 300D camera, 18-55 mm objective at 24 mm, Exposure time:  0.0025, F number:  14, ISO speed rating:  100. Software used:  Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows.

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