Cedar Tree

December 16, 2008


Photographer: Rebecca Jones
Summary Author: Rebecca Jones, Stu Witmer

This bizarre looking cedar has not been pruned or cut back for over 50 years. The tree stands on 136 acres of land on the south end of Lake Whatcom that was acquired in 1954 for the Bellingham Public Schools in Washington State. Gordon Carter, a school district superintendent, traded the old Lincoln School, built in 1891, for the site. Today third graders in the district visit the site to re-create pioneer life in the county as part of their social studies curriculum. They spend the day at the pioneer cabin and are given an opportunity to build, garden, prepare food, spin and make candles with the pioneer tools and utensils of the time. The site was named Gordon L. Carter Conservation Site in 1979. Photo taken May 21, 2008. 

Thanks to the Communications and Community Relations Office, Bellingham School District #501, Bellingham, Washington for background material and information about this subject.

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