Lake Kagawong Red Rainbow

February 02, 2009


Photographer: Ron Suter, Bucyrus City Schools
Summary Author: Ron Suter

The photo above shows a remarkable red rainbow taken on Lake Kagawong, Ontario, Canada, in early August of 2008. This bow is unattached at the surface since what would be the ends of the primary rainbow are actually in the shadow of a high bluff behind the direction the camera is facing, near where the Sun is setting. The longer path-length of the Sun's rays at sunset, or sunrise, results in much of the blue, green and yellow sunlight being scattered away from the viewer; leaving just the red. Look closely and you may be able to detect the secondary rainbow, also very red!

Photo details: NIKON D50; Software used:  Ver.1.00; Exposure time:  0.02; F number:  3.5; Lens focal length:  18