Kite and Camera

April 23, 2009


Photographer: Tilemachos M. Athanasiadis
Summary Author: Jim Foster, Tilemachos M. Athanasiadis, Michael Athanasiadis

The photo above shows an airborne view of Halkidiki and Dionysiou Beach in the Macedonia region of Greece. It was taken on March 10, 2008 by a small camera which was cleverly attached to a kite. March 10 is traditionally a day to fly kites in Greece. Note the cerulean blue sky and that the deepest coloration is well above the horizon; approximately 90 degrees from the Sun's position. However, even the bluest sky contains all of the spectral colors. The sky is also seen to brighten rapidly toward the horizon. In essence, because of the greater path-length of light near the horizon, more molecules are introduced to the viewer and thus scattering is increased, resulting in a brighter sky.

Dionysiou Beach is noted for its white sand and crystal clear sea water and is a popular destination for tourists during the summer months. The fields in the foreground will soon be planted with wheat and corn. Olive trees can be seen in the mid-ground.

Photo details: Canon Ixus 40 camera; f/5,6; exposure time of 1/1500 second.