Brandberg Massif

May 22, 2009


Image Source: Landsat-7 Satellite
Summary Author and Editor: Jim Foster; Stu Witmer

The image above featuring the Brandberg Massif in Namibia was acquired from the Landsat-7 satellite on September 10, 2002. This impressive granitic intrusion is located in the northwestern portion of the Namib Desert and evidently pierced the crustal rock approximately 120 million years ago. It covers an area of nearly 250 sq. miles (650 sq. km). A massif is defined as a large, elevated block of complex rocks that's resistant to both erosion and crustal folding. Brandberg Massif's highest point is 8,442 ft (2,573 m). Note that several rivers, especially along the massif's northwestern flank, emanate from this dominant structure.