Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier

June 18, 2009


Photographer: Cindy Foster
Summary Author: Jim Foster; Cindy Foster

The photo above shows the stunning Tracy Arm Fjord with the twin Sawyer Glaciers in the background. It was taken a little south of Juneau, Alaska, aboard the Serenade of the Sea cruise ship on June 3, 2009. Flanked by abrupt 3,000 ft (914 m) granitic mountains and framed by turquoise waters and on this day an azure sky, this beautiful fjord was formed when glaciers sliced through the area during the last ice age. Ephemeral waterfalls resulting from spring snowmelt plunge to the sea at this time of year along the approximately 30 mi (48 km) length of the fjord. A recently calved chunk of ice, perhaps 3 stories tall, from the twin Sawyer Glaciers is in the mid-ground. Both the fjord and glaciers are part of the Tracy Arm-Ford's Terror Wilderness.

Additional views: