Noctilucent Clouds Above Vilnius, Lithuania

August 04, 2009

20090804 - Noctilucent Clouds Above Vilnius, Lithuania

Photographer:  Mindaugas
Summary Author: Mindaugas

The photo montage above features a dramatic display of noctilucent clouds as observed over Vilnius, Lithuania (looking toward the north) on July 14, 2009. Though this picture was taken well after sunset but the Sun nonetheless illuminates clouds that are high in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Noctilucent clouds typically form about 50 miles (80 km) above the surface and are only seen pole-ward of about 50 degrees latitude during the summer season. These illusive, fast moving clouds are cirrus-like in appearance, often have bluish or silvery hues and are composed of meteoric dust and or minute ice particles. The tower in the background (left center) is a TV transmission tower.

Photo details: Panoramic view of 5 photos stitched together; Canon 450 D camera; each with exposure of 8 seconds; f5.6; 24 mm; ISO 100. Vilnius is located at nearly 55 degrees north latitude.

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