Fun on Chain O'Lakes

September 02, 2009


Photographer: Peggy Riemer 
Summary Author: Peggy Riemer

I took this photo of the Chain Skiers bare-footer team on the evening July 25, 2009 at their weekly show in front of the Wisconsin Veterans Home in Waupaca County, Wisconsin. These bare-footers start on a single ski and eventually transfer their weight to their bare foot, leaving the ski behind, and proceed to ski on both bare feet. Flipping upside down is not a planned maneuver.

Waupaca's Chain O'Lakes is made up of 22 interconnected spring fed lakes, which are quite deep in comparison to their surface area. The challenge for lakeshore property owners and water management groups is to balance recreational use with the lakes' heritage -- maintaining the natural environment of these picturesque lakes. Shoreline regulations include building set-back of 75 ft (23 m), restrictions on impervious surfaces and encouragement of shoreline vegetation buffer zones. A history of agreed upon regulations has kept the lakes clear and provides a view for boaters on the water of a treed shoreline that looks much like it did 100 years ago.