San Francisco Fog

September 23, 2009


Photographer: Mila Zinkova
Summary Author
: Mila Zinkova; Jim Foster

The photo above shows San Francisco, California enshrouded in fog on the morning of August 10, 2009. This vision lasted only a minute and then vanished. While the fog temporarily abated, I was able to see a portion of the San Francisco Bay Bridge (far left), Telegraph Hill (mid left) and the downtown skyline. During the summer months San Francisco is quite often subjected to advection fog that moves in from the north and northwest. This kind of fog is formed as warm, humid air flows over a relatively cold surface such as the water of San Francisco Bay. Consequently, the milder air is cooled below its original dew point temperature, forming a veil of featureless fog.

Newly formed whitish fog filtering through the harp strings of the Golden Gate Bridge and then puffing out its chest as though pleased with its dramatic entrance; but the only applause is the quiet lapping of the waves as they disappear under the silent mass." -- Herb Caen, 1949.