Portage Bay Sunset

October 26, 2009


Photographer: Daniel Hills

Summary Author: Daniel Hills; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a magnificent sunset was taken from Portage Bay, Ontario, on September 13, 2009. The Sun’s rays are still shining on the mid and high-level clouds closest to the western horizon while the clouds higher in the sky appear purplish since they’re no longer illuminated by the Sun’s lingering rays. Because the shorter wavelengths of light (blue and violet colors) have been scattered out of view by the greater number of aerosols and cloud particles that interact with sunlight when the Sun’s low in the sky (increased path length), the twilight takes on red, scarlet or magenta colors. Note the beautiful reflection of the western sky on the slightly ruffled waters of Portage Bay. This lovely sunset scene is made even more interesting by the virga fallstreaks and cirrus mare’s tails.