Cloud Fall on Mt. Wendelstein

November 26, 2009

20091126 – Thursday - Cloud Fall on Mt. Wendelstein
Clauia Hinz; Claudia's website
Summary Author: Claudia Hinz

The photo above shows stratus clouds atop Mt. Wendelstein falling to a lower ceiling (at left). Mt. Wendelstein is located in the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany. Earlier in the day a cloud deck had gradually moved up the mountain slope. Upon reaching the saddle in a ridge line, the clouds subsequently flowed into the Leitzach Valley. Click here to see the animation. Note the raptor at left center, possibly taking advantage of a thermal along the boundary of the cloud fall. Photo taken from the observatory on the summit of Mt. Wendelstein (6,030 ft or 1,838 m) on October 30, 2009.

Mt. Wendelstein coordinates: N 47.7033, E 12.0129