Thousand Springs State Park and the Columbia Plateau

November 15, 2009


Photographer: JoEtta Abo
Summary Authors: JoEtta Abo; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a slice of the Columbia Plateau in Thousand Springs State Park, Idaho was captured in early autumn. This huge plateau encompasses much of the Pacific Northwest, covering approximately 200,000 sq mi (518,000 sq km) containing more than 40,000 cu mi (170,000 cu km) of basaltic lava. Over 300 high-volume individual lava flows have been identified. In Idaho, the Columbia Plateau sweeps across the southern part of the state, following the Snake River.

Crystal Springs Lake is in the foreground. A calm surface or surface having few ripples helps to maximize specular reflection. The bright area on the hillside is one of the numerous crystal springs in the park. Photo taken on September 28, 2009.

Niagara Springs State Park, Idaho Coordinates: 42.66, -114.646389