Good Earth Home

November 14, 2009

20091114 – Saturday - Good Earth Home 1
George Higginson
Summary Author: George Higginson; Stu Witmer

In 1972 the pop music group The Eagles had their first hit with a song entitled “Take it Easy” in which the main character stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. The song made this small, western town quite famous but Winslow has a history that began long before the Eagles sang about it. The above photo is a good example of adobe architecture that was a common form of construction in and around Winslow a century ago and longer. Many such structures still stand to this day; reminders of days gone by when we lived close to the earth and used the very soil at our feet to wrap around us and protect our families from the elements.

Photo taken on July 13, 2006.

Winslow Coordinates: 35° 1′ 42.53″ N, 110° 42′ 2.81″ W