Isola d' Elba Crepuscular Rays

November 04, 2009


Photographer: Stefano De Rosa
Summary Author
: Stefano De Rosa; Jim Foster

The photo above showing golden and magenta crepuscular rays was taken from Isola d' Elba, Italy on August 17, 2009. The island is 12 miles (20 km) west of the Tuscany coast. Though from our perspective the rays appear to converge towards the horizon, they are actually parallel to each other. The same effect can be seen when looking at railroad tracks in the distance; they appear to converge but, of course, are equidistant. See also the EPOD for October 7, 2009, which was taken on August 16, 2009. Because these photos were taken one day apart in the Mediterranean Sea region, under similar sky conditions, it’s possible that the rays result from distant mountains (dark lanes are mountain peaks) rather than from towering clouds. Photo taken at 8.38 p.m. Isola d’Elba coordinates: 42°45.71′N 10°14.45′E.