Creux du Van

December 03, 2009

20091203 – Thursday - Creux du Van
Rose Riemer
Summary Author: Rose Riemer

The Creux du Van is a scenic, horseshoe-shaped limestone cliff created by glacial erosion (Rhone Glacier) and snow/ice melt runoff during the last ice age. This popular hiking and climbing destination is located in the Jura Mountains in western Switzerland and is nearly 500 ft (152 m) in height. The top of the cliff stands 3,694 ft (1,126 m) above sea level. Limestone scree at the base of the cliff is cooled by permafrost. Note that trees and other vegetation readily grow in the permafrost’s active layer. This layer thaws during the summer season. Beneath the active layer is 50-65 ft (15-20 m) of continuous permafrost. Photo taken in July 2009.

Creux du Van coordinates: 46.9325N, 6.72361E