Rose Hips and Snow in Scotland

December 29, 2009

20091229 – Tuesday - Rose Hips and Snow in Scotland2

Photographer: Jeanette Stafford
Summary Author: Jeanette Stafford; Jim Foster

Great Britain has a temperate maritime climate which makes snow in December quite unusual, except over high ground. This December the polar jet stream has slipped southwards from its normal position, leaving much of Europe in the grip of freezing, northerly air streams. On the night of the 20th in Bearsden, Scotland (near Glasgow), cold, frosty weather followed by snow the next morning left these rose hips looking Christmas card perfect. Subfreezing temperatures preserved the delicate snow crystals almost in the condition in which they fell. I have waited years to see snow on the ground the days leading to Christmas and finally, this year, this rare but cherished event came to fruition. At about the same time the eastern seaboard of the U.S. was also experiencing snowy weather. On occasion, planetary waves traversing the globe will bring similar weather to dissimilar regions.

Bearsden, Scotland coordinates: 55.941, -4.319