Santa Cruz Surfer and Surfer Bow

December 17, 2009

20091217 – Thursday - Santa Cruz Surfer and Surfer Bow
Mila Zinkova; Mila’s Web Page
Summary Author: Mila Zinkova; Jim Foster

The photo above shows a sprawling surfer wiping out on a huge wave off of Santa Cruz, California. A rainbow appears to be riding the backside of the wave. The waves were really monstrous here this day, reaching heights up to 30 ft (9.5 m)! When they broke, a mist of water droplets created a gauzy rainbow fragment – when looking toward the antisolar point. Rainbows can form in all sorts of weather conditions; in heavy downpours, light showers, dense fog, and even in fountain sprays. Note the surfer at right getting amped for an epic wave while keeping an eye out for men in grey suits. In the background at left, a pair of seagulls floats nonchalantly on the waves.

Santa Cruz beach coordinates: N36.95188, W122.025