Snowfall in Houston, Texas

December 09, 2009

Houston snow

Photographer: Andy Shaner
Summary Author: Andy Shaner; Jim Foster

The photo above showing snow falling in Houston, Texas was taken this past Friday, December 4, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. The snowflakes were huge, and although there wasn't a big accumulation (about 1-4 inches or 2.5-10 cm) the fact that there was accumulation was big news in Houston. Snow is unusual in southeastern Texas, especially in early December. This was evidently the earliest snowfall in Houston history. In the last 115 years, on only 33 occasions has snow fallen in Houston, and this is the first time that snow has fallen in back-to-back years! Note that the grass is still green and that many trees have not yet dropped their leaves.

Houston coordinates: N29.762778, W95.383056

Houston weather on December 4, 2009