Partial Lunar Eclipse

January 28, 2010

20100128 – Thursday - Partial Lunar Eclipse
Anthony Ayiomamitis; Anthony's web site
Summary Author: Anthony Ayiomamitis
The photo sequence above shows a partial eclipse of the Moon as observed on December 31, 2009 near Athens, Greece. These exposures are spaced 30 minutes apart and beautifully document the entry and exit of the Earth’s shadow across the Moon. Although only eight percent of the lunar surface was covered by the Earth's shadow, the partial entry of the Moon into the umbral shadow was quite obvious through a telescope or binoculars and could be also detected with the naked eye. This eclipse, albeit unassuming, was an appropriate way to end the International Year of Astronomy.

Athens, Greece coordinates: 37.966667, 23.716667

Earth Observatory image: Lunar Eclipse from Orbit