Icicles on the Provo River

January 12, 2010


Photographer: Doug Pusey; Doug's school website
Summary Author: Doug Pusey

The photo above showing thorn or bell shaped icicles was taken on December 6, 2009 from the Provo River in Provo, Utah. Icicles can form into some quite fascinating and unexpected shapes. Tree branches along the bank of a river if weighted with snow or ice may dangle low enough to catch drops splashed from the water's surface. Upon hitting the branch, these droplets begin to drip downward, and when the temperature falls, they'll freeze before dropping off. Such were the conditions on the Provo River early last month. These icicles appear to be grasping the branch in order to keep from plunging into the river.

Provo River in Provo, Utah coordinates:40.238292, -111.721794

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