Snow in Milan, Italy

January 29, 2010

Merry go round in snow
: Cesare Mario Oliva
Summary Author: Cesare Mario OlivaJim Foster

The photo above showing a snow covered park splashed with the cheerful colors of a merry-go-round was taken in Milan, Italy on December 29, 2009. Snow is unusual in Milan, but December 2009 and early January 2010 were cold and stormy across much of Europe. Heavy snow in Milan, in excess of six inches (15 cm), closed airports and shut down many roadways. Notice the leaden sky. Now look at the bright snow-clad surface. They’re actually very close in brightness. Though the sky appears gray, an illuminated object, in this case the snow, can be no brighter than the source illuminating it.

Milan coordinates: 45.463525, 9.188956

Earth Observatory image: Deadly Cold Across Europe and Russia

Deadly weather grips Europe

Milan weather chart for December 2009