Geminid Meteors from Brittany, France

February 09, 2010

2010029 – Tuesday - Geminid Meteors from Bretagne, France

Photographer: Laurent Laveder
Summary Author: Laurent Laveder; Jim Foster

The photo above is a composite image showing 15 meteors from the annual Geminid meteor shower. In addition, there are three residual meteors likely not related to the Geminid's -- diagonal to the nearly vertical Geminid meteor tracks. It was taken on December 14, 2000, from Plomelin, France. The Geminid’s are perhaps the most reliable of the several meteor showers that the Earth encounters during the course of its revolution about the Sun. Like all meteor showers, the Geminid’s seem to emanate from the constellation that gives them their name -- in this case, Gemini the Twins. Notice the reflection of the meteors on the still river. This composite photo was made from a time-lapse movie (click here).

Photo Details: Canon 30D camera; Sigma 30 mm; f/1.4; 10 second exposure, 1600 ISO.