Sunset Over Serres, Greece

February 06, 2010

20100206 – Saturday - Sunset Over Serres, Greece

Photographer: Panos Notas
Summary Author: Panos Notas; Jim Foster

The photo above showing a luscious, burnt orange and scarlet sunset was taken over Serres, Greece on October 18, 2009. The undersides of the altocumulus clouds appear to be on fire. Even though the Sun has already set at the surface, these mid-level clouds are just high enough to catch the final rays of sunlight at day’s end. At sunset and sunrise, because of the increased path length of sunlight, most all of the blue/violet light, but only some of the red light, is scattered out of view. Thus, if at least some clouds are present, or if the sky has an ample amount of aerosols, extraordinary twilights may occur.

Serres, Greece coordinates: 41.083333, 23.55

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