Maramec Spring, Missouri

March 22, 2010

20100322 – Monday - Maramec Spring, Missouri
Tommy Hornbeck
Summary Author:
Tommy Hornbeck; Jim Foster

Maramec Spring, pictured above, is the fifth largest spring in the state of Missouri. Its located 13 mi (21 km) east of Rolla, the home of the Missouri University of Science and Technology. This scenic spring is on a privately owned 1,860 acre park (753 hectares), but it's administered for public use by the nonprofit James Foundation. The output and temperature of the water vary only slightly during the course of the year. Average output is approximately 96 million gallons (363 million liters) of water a day and the water temperature is nearly always 56° F (13° C). This photo was snapped just before sunrise on October 28, 2008. The misty look is due to a thin layer of fog that resulted from the chilled morning air interacting with the relatively warm spring water.

Photo details: Nikon D-80 camera; ISO 100; 20mm lens; 0.5 second exposure at f8.