Jarbidge Wilderness

April 10, 2010

20100410 – Saturday - Jarbidge Wilderness 1
JoEtta Abo
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JoEtta Abo

These sculptured rock formations are found in the Jarbidge Wilderness of northern Nevada, which is part of the Basin and Range geologic province. This 113,000 acres (45,729 hectare) wilderness is managed by the Humboldt National Forest. The majority of rocks in Jarbidge are volcanic rhyolite and basalt that date to the Miocene and Pliocene epochs. A number of slopes on the scenic road leading into Jarbidge Canyon have massive rhyolite outcroppings such as Banana Rock (pictured above) and Castle Rock (click here). The vegetation surrounding these rock formations is a mixture of pinyon and juniper. Nez Perce and Shoshoni tribes once traveled through these remote but stunning canyon lands. Photo taken on October 6, 2009.