Steam Fog on a Spring Morning

May 12, 2010

Steam fog

Photographer: Don G. Lambert
Summary Author: Don G. Lambert; Jim Foster

The photo above shows a foggy scene on a chilly April morning near Blacksburg, Virginia. The air temperature was 39 degrees F (4 degrees C) at the time the picture was snapped -- 6:55 a.m. on April 19, 2010. Because of thermal inertia, the shallow pond water was relatively warm compared to the air immediately above it. This scenario gives rise to steam fog, which is more commonly observed during the autumn months. Over open water, steam fog is often called sea smoke. Note that the streamers of fog nearly completely conceal the small pond.

Photo details: Canon EOS Rebel Tl camera; 18-200 mm zoom lens; ISO 100; f6.3 at 1/100 second. Image Location: Blacksburg Virginia 36°45'15"N and 81°49'13"W