White Lady Falls

May 04, 2010


Photographer: Greg Parker; Greg's Website
Summary Author: Greg Parker; Jim Foster

The photo above shows the lovely White Lady Falls in Lydford Gorge, U.K. (Dartmoor National Park). At approximately 325 ft (100 m), it's the highest falls in the county of Devon. River capture or piracy was responsible for the formation of the falls. River Burn was captured when the River Lyd's upstream valleys encroached on the nearby headwaters of the Burn. This resulted in an elevated stream bed – and falling rather than flowing water. The view of White Lady Falls has stirred a number of artists, including Rachel Evans:

We heard the rumbling waterfall
In Lydford's sylvan glen,
Embosomed in an emerald wall,
Like giant in his den.

We stood upon the wood-crowned steep,
And bent delightful o'er,
To list the mutt'rings loud and deep
That swell'd its distant roar.

Rachel Evans