Evros River Delta

July 02, 2010


Photographer: George Tarsoudis; George's Website
Summary Author
: George Tarsoudis; Jim Foster; Stu Witmer

This photo shows a portion of the 58 sq. mi (150 sq. km) delta formed by the Evros River as it empties into the Aegean Sea. This delta is is an important over-wintering site and breeding area for numerous species of aquatic birds -- over 300 distinct species of birds have been observed. The vegetation in the foreground (tamarisk) was devastated by flooding earlier in the year. The Evros River forms the border between eastern Greece (Thrace) and northern Turkey (Edirne) and is the longest internal river of the Balkans. The Greek name is perhaps a derivation of Ebros, the son of Cassandros, a mythical King of Thrace. Its source is in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria where it is known as the Maritsa River. Photo taken on May 28, 2010.