Autumn Sunset from Hungary

November 19, 2010

PhotographersRafael Schmall; (top photo); David Herincs (bottom photo); David's Website
Summary Authors: Rafael Schmall, David Herincs, Jim Foster

The two photos above show different views of the same splendid sunset from nearby locations at slightly different times. The top photo was snapped at Kaposfo, Hungary and the bottom photo from Egyhazasradoc, a village about 70 mi (115 km) northwest of Kaposfo. Both were taken on November 12, 2010. The twilight color changes are due to differences in the position of the Sun. The Sun was slightly further below the horizon in the top photo than in the bottom photo therefore, the path length was longer, extinguishing the blue, green and yellow colors from our view. Only the longer wavelength colors (crimson and scarlet) remain to paint the mid-altitude cloud deck. In the bottom picture, the Sun had just set so the path length is shorter than seen in the top photo, and the yellow colors are evident while the blues and greens can no longer be discerned.