High Tatras Mountains

November 24, 2010


Photographer: Alexandra Farkas
Summary Authors: Alexandra Farkas; Jim Foster

The Tatras Mountains, on the border between Poland and Slovakia, were created about 60 million years ago during the Hercynian Orogeny when a huge granite massif was thrust above the surrounding land. They acquired their well-sculpted appearance largely because of glacial activity some two million years ago. The Tatras form the longest and loftiest section of the Carpathian Mountains. At left center is the 8,642 ft (2634 m) Lomnický Peak, which has been accessible by cable car from the town of Tatranská Lomnica since 1940. In the foreground is boulder-strewn Skalnaté Pleso ("rocky lake"). Photo taken on August 13, 2010. [Revised December 2017]

Photo Details: Pentax K-x digital camera; 1/200 second exposure; f/5,6; ISO 200; focal length 18 mm.