Cliffs of San Eduardo del Mar

May 09, 2011

San Eduardo del Mar 
Photographer: Luis Argerich
Summary Author: Luis Argerich

The photo panorama above shows the red sandstone cliffs of San Eduardo del Mar along the Atlantic coast of Argentina. These cliffs are approximately 65 ft (20 m) high and are riddled with marine fossils, many of which are in excellent condition. Fish and crustaceans that were fossilized into the soft sandstone, primarily during the quarternary period, are easy to spot because their whitish color contrasts nicely with that of the reddish rock (bottom layers). Photo taken on March 27, 2010.

Photo details: This panorama encompasses almost 180 degrees and was taken from the beach in front of the cliffs. Note that all stitched panoramas look like islands due to perspective. Aperture: f/16.0; Exposure Time: 0.100 s (1/10); ISO equiv: 100; Orientation: Normal; Color Space: sRGB.