Leo Trio

May 20, 2011

Leo_Trio_Sky90_Greg_Noel_final_levels (2)

Photographer: Greg Parker
Summary Author: Greg Parker

The image above shows a wide-field view of the resplendent concentration of galaxies in the constellation of Leo the Lion. The Leo Trio (bottom, at left center) is made up of M66 and M65 (face-on spirals, left and right at bottom) and NGC 3628 (edge on spiral, top-most of the three). NGC 3628 is a fascinating Arp galaxy with a string of quasars and quasar-like sources streaming towards M65 and M66. The period from about mid-April through June is referred to as galaxy season (in the Northern Hemisphere) since the Virgo/Coma/Leo galaxy clusters are now well placed (high in the sky much of the night) for photography. Image captured at the New Forest Observatory in Southampton, U.K. and processed by Noel Carboni in Florida, U.S.