Sunrise with the International Space Station

July 02, 2011

AMANECER ISS_filtered 2
: Agustin Garduno Fernandez
Summary Author: Agustin Garduno Fernandez; Jim Foster

The photo above shows the International Space Station (ISS) as observed just before sunup over north central Spain. It was taken on June 1, 2011 at 5:28 a.m. The ISS's orbital altitude varies between 173 mi (278 km) and 286 mi (460 km), and thus its apparent brightness varies. Here, its magnitude is approximately -1.5. The ISS has now been in space for more than a dozen years -- in-orbit construction began in 1998.

Photo details: Panasonic FZ-28 camera; 30 second exposure; F2.8; 100 ISO.