Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Near Forsyth, Missouri

September 30, 2011

ABurch6Aug11 (3)

Photographer: Allan Burch
Summary Authors: Allan Burch; Jim Foster

September 2011 Earth Science Picture of the Day Viewer's ChoiceThe photo composite above shows the approach of a dramatic thunderstorm in rural Missouri, near the town of Forsyth, taken over a 15-minute span on August 6, 2011. It serves as a good example of why it's best to stay indoors during electrical storms. Note that not just the tallest or highest objects were struck by lightning; wicked cloud-to-ground bolts blasted tall trees, small trees, hilltops, and depressions with seemingly no prejudice.

Photo Details: Canon EOS 7D camera; Canon EF50mm lens ; f/1.2L USM; f/9.0; ISO 320. Each exposure averaged 15 seconds, shot in bulb setting.